US SchooL Review provides free listing of online traffic schools and defensive driving courses approved by the state of Arizona.  Whether you received a traffic ticket, were ordered by the traffic court to take a defensive driving school course or want to lower your insurance rates...... Check out these online traffic school courses and select the one that is best for you!

Arizona Online Traffic School | AZ Traffic School


Arizona Online Traffic School

By successfully completing an online Arizona traffic school you can get a traffic violation removed from your driving record.  Additionally, you won’t receive any points against your record because you completed an AZ traffic school course.

Getting a ticket dismissed or having points removed from your driving record by completing an Arizona traffic school course online can save money on insurance premiums. 

Arizona Mature Driver Improvement Course

Some insurance companies will give you a discount on your insurance even if you have no tickets or points simply by completing one of the defensive driving courses.  Contact your insurance agent to see how much you can save, then take the traffic school class online and save.

Whether you are looking for online traffic schools in Tucson, AZ or anywhere in the state, follow the link above to see a complete list of Arizona approved online traffic schools.  Select the one that looks best to you and …..

Good Luck!


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